SWDNN History

She Wit Da Nupes Now is THE premier greek clothing brand. If you know you know, and if you dont know you wouldn't even be here right now. She Wit Da Nupes Now was founded in 2019 by a number of brilliant gentlmen.

The first NUPE to say the term She Wit Da Nupes Now was Bro.Rashawn Beta Xi Fall 15 | KON ARTIST.

It was this initial high vibratory thought waves that lead to the brand that we all love and enjoy today.

Shortyly after, the Mixxy NUPES of NYC decided it was an amazing idea to use the term "She Wit Da Nupes Now" in a chant. They chanted "She Wit Da Nupes Now" over and over while strolling. OTB, they were correct in their creative analysis.

Simultaneously there was some NUPES whom although recently initiated into TB, they were very consciously about to impact the culture on a National Scale. After getting all of the proper blessings from the originators, these extremely entrepreneurial NUPES sat together in a Harlem New York apartment situation direcly across from the famous Rucker Park and came up with a innovative plan to turn this simple chant into a Multi-Million dollar business.

Felix Reynoso Gamma Tau Fall 17 , TC Xi Omicron Spring 19 , and Kevin Matos Pi Psi Spring 14 cofounded the She Wit Da Nupes Now clothing brand as we know it today. These NUPES travelled city to city, campus to campus, networking with every NUPE, RED, K, ZETA, and POODLE they could speak to and after years of HARD WORK, they suceeded and solidified SWDNN as the premier greek brand of the D9.

All of the original designs were handdrawn by Brent Gamma Tau Fall 17.

This is the original She Wit Da Nupes Now clothing brand. There are many people who have blatantly attempted to imitate and reduplicate the SWDNN Trademark. We are an offical Kappa Alpha Psi Vendor and a MADE NUPE Brand.

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